M.T.L. Series

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  • Smooth bored PTFE lined stainless steel hose
  • Temperature Range: -65°F to 350°F
  • Cleaned, Dried, Capped and Bagged


Smooth Fluoropolymer PFA and PTFE tube has excellent chemical resistance and is not subject to corrosion, pinholing or flex cracking.

304 stainless steel metal hose inner core and 304 stainless steel braid reinforcement for the ultimate in safety for transferring aggressive chemicals (316L innercore optional).

The most flexible smooth-tube fluoropolymer hose of its type.

High purity, non-contaminating.

Non-stick surface provides maximum flow rate, minimizes potential contamination.

Available in lengths to 30 feet (consult factory for maximum lengths by ID)


Available with Flexible "Flare-Thru" ends to prevent fluid entrapment between the hose and fittings.

Choice of 150# flanged ends, Lap-Joint style, Female Cam-Lock (swivel feature) or 1 in. and 2 in. Sanitary Clamp Style fittings.

Flange options: ANSI B16.5 Lap-Joint design, type 316 SS and type 304 SS. 150# or 300#. (Note: 300# flanges are available as an accommodation to interface and are NOT a statement of pressure rating).

ANSI B16.5 150# Epoxy coated carbon steel (standard).


-65°F (-54°C) to +350°F (+177°C)


Smooth Fluoropolymer PFA and PTFE tube:

Type 304 stainless steel inner hose
standard (type 316 optional).

Type 304 stainless steel outer braid.

Flexible "Flare-Thru" design provides unparalleled corrosion protection, maximum flow rates and minimizes potential for contamination and entrapment.

Standard flanges are 150# epoxy-coated Carbon Steel (ANSI B16.5 Lap-Joint design) (300# available for interface connection only) type 304 SS, 316 SS flanges available (optional).

Female Cam-Lock bodies are type 316 stainless steel. Chemfluor® PFA encapsulated gaskets are installed in assembly (standard).

Sanitary-clamp style fittings feature 316 SS base material for Flare-Thru Chemfluor® fluoropolymer.

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