Accessories and sleeves for stainless-steel assemblies

Flex-Pression is a leading manufacturer of flexible stainless-steel products, offering its clientele a broad assortment of accessories for metallic hose assemblies and sleeves. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, these accessories are used to conserve heat energy while protecting your workers and products in the event of an accident, which increases safety in the workplace.

Flex-Pression carries a vast range of products, including PyrojacketMD, a fiberglass-based solution that protects pipes and cables. Another product is the Pyro-tapeMD, which provides similar protection to the PyrojacketMD but with the advantage of an easy installation, without having to disconnect assemblies. As for the PyrosilMD tape, it is high temperature resistant. In addition to reducing the costs associated with losing heat energy, these accessories will provide effective protection for your workers. To find out more about the properties of our accessories and sleeves, browse the sections below or get in touch with us for more information.

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