Polymer connectors, hoses, and pipes for all types of assemblies

As the only manufacturer of flexible stainless-steel hoses in Canada, Flex-Pression offers an extensive collection of polymer products suited to a variety of industries and industry-specific needs. Among the products we offer, there is FDA/Pharmacopeia approved polymer hoses such as PharmapureMD and SanipureMD, which are specifically designed for the food and pharmaceutical production environments. There is also the Polar hose, which was designed with cryogenic applications in mind. For all your flexible piping needs, we suggest the industry-recognized Tygon tubing.

Whether you need fluoropolymer hoses or specialized polymer connectors, you get to choose from a broad array of products. Visit the sections below to learn more about the products’ specific features and applications. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts to see which product best suits your needs. Keep in mind that these products can also be used in the custom modification of your Flex-Pression assemblies.

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