About Flex-Pression

The expert in flexible piping systems since 1973

Flex-Pression custom manufactures flexible convoluted hoses, stainless steel braids, metal hose assemblies and expansion joints. Our products meet all compliance requirements from the oil, pulp and paper, steel industries and many more.

Created in 1973, Flex-Pression Ltd. is a Canadian company specializing in flexible piping systems, convoluted hoses and stainless steel braids. Our quality products give us a leading position in the country. From our facilities in Lasalle, Quebec, to our satellite in Mississauga, Ontario, we manufacture complete flexible metal hose assemblies in all calibers.

We are also a leading distributor. We have the largest inventory of fluoropolymer hoses and fittings in Canada. We offer a comprehensive range for industrial applications of all types, for temperatures ranging from -100F (-73C) to +500F (+260C). We are a major supplier to the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries in high purity flexible piping systems which meet FDA and Pharmacopeia Class VI approvals.

Our high-calibre engineering service enables us to design and provide hoses and metal or fluoropolymer expansion joints, even for the most demanding applications. We are able to provide technical support, assembly design for any kind of application, recommendations for your specific needs and any documentation deemed necessary.

The Flex-Pression Quality Assurance Program is ISO 9001-2015 certified. This enables us to ensure and maintain our commitment to supplying the highest standard in flexible piping systems to almost any customer.

Manufacturer and distributor

In addition to the reputation of our high quality custom manufactured steel products, we are a leading distributor of complementary products. We have the largest inventory of fluoropolymer hoses in the country. We also hold a substantial amount of hoses and fittings of various kinds.


At Flex-Pression, we are first and foremost a solutions provider. We put our expertise, skills and know-how to serve one aim: to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Our expert intervention will make you save time and money. You will get a piping system that meets your needs, designed by a highly proficient and dedicated team that is always willing to innovate to fulfill your requirements.

We consolidate our efforts to provide long-lasting flexible steel hoses that will make you save money, prevent breakage on your production line, and reduce expensive downtime.


At Flex-Pression, 90% of our production is carried out on a tailor-made basis. We never compromise on quality. Our unwavering rigor has led us to become an industry benchmark. The flexible stainless steel hoses and expansion joints we design and distribute meet the highest quality standards.

We also work hard to stay at the top of our technical knowledge, in order to serve our clients the best possible way. 


The strength of the Flex-Pression team lies in its stability. Many of our employees have been working with us for more than 20 years. We recognize talent and know-how; that is why we put in all the necessary efforts to provide a stable and rewarding professional environment respectful of our workers’ requirements.

In addition to its reliability and stability, our team has technical know-how that makes it stand above industry standards. Our technicians and engineers’ expertise is widely acknowledged by our clients who consider us a first-class reference and solution provider.  





Our debuts

1973      Flex-Pression opens as an Aeroquip hose distributor under Ron Palmer.

1976      Metal hose assemblies are fabricated from bulk product imported from the USA.

1979      Start of Engineering  department and expansion joint design .


Our progress

1982      Head welder Normand Fortier joins the team.

1984      Move to a larger facility on Trans-Canada Highway in Pointe-Claire.

1984      1st annular corrugator is delivered to Flex-Pression and operated by Rick Brunet.

1984      Three braiding machines are purchased in the USA and delivered to the new facility.

1985      Flex-Pression becomes a fabricating distributor for Teleflex Teflon hose products.

1987      Brian Davidson assumes the role of Vice-President.


1990      Helical corrugators are designed and put into service.

1991      Gazflex propane and natural gas products are designed and launched into the market.

1991      Flex-Pression becomes the national fabricating distributor for Flexible Components under Bob and Norm  Cooling.

1991      Don Heye appoints Flex-Pression as the Canadian representative for Hyspan Products

1993      Flex-Pression moves to larger facility on Abrams St. in St-Laurent, Quebec.

1993      Flex-Pression applies and secures its UL/ULC licensing for underground hose manufacturing.

1994      Dean Bond is promoted to Operations Manager

1994      Flex-Pression becomes an externally audited cleaning facility for oxygen service products.

1994      Ron Palmer retires, Brian Davidson becomes President and Rick Brunet Vice-President.

1995      Flex-Pression receives CRN registration for all of its products.

1996      Flex-Pression applies and receives its CGA Approval for metal hose manufacturing.

1998      ISO Certification is successfully completed.


Flex-Pression's growth

2001      10,000 sq.ft.  expansion of plant facility on Abrams street.

2002      Flex-Pression designs and builds a new corrugator for large diameter hose production.

2004      Brian Davidson retires, Rick Brunet becomes President, Dean Bond Vice-President and Monique Campeau Vice-President Finance.

2004      Flex-Pression Ontario opens!

2005      CE Marking certificate is successfully completed for the European markets.

2006      Flex-Pression is appointed Canadian Representative for Saint-Gobain products.

2007      Flex-Pression expands into the USA market as a Contract Manufacturer.

2009      Flex-Pression completes ISO 9001-2008 certification.


2010      Flex-Pression commences contract manufacturing for Europe and North Africa.

2013      Flex-Pression celebrates 40 years of service to the industry.

2013      Rick Brunet retires and Dean Bond becomes President.

2014      Flex-Pression Ontario celebrates 10 years of service to the industry.

2014      François Germain joins Flex-Pression as Vice-President Sales & Marketing.

2015      After 30 years of loyal service, Monique Campeau, V.P. Finance retires. Dianne Hébert assumes role as Senior Accountant and Comptroller.




2016      Launch of our New Web Site